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Great Gifts That Don’t Cost Any Money

There is a misconception in our society that to give a really nice gift, you have to spend a lot of money. One of the worst assumptions that is made is that a gift has to be something that is … Continue reading

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Wealth That Doesn’t Come From Money

When we think of wealth, our thoughts automatically jump to money. Maybe things like real estate, stock options, or large houses are also included. But that’s just one definition of the word “wealth.” Other definitions include, “A plentiful supply of … Continue reading

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Frugality Buys You Time

We all know that time is our most finite resource. We all have a set number of days on this planet and we’re not getting any more. We can’t make or buy more time. Since we can’t make more time, … Continue reading

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Parting From Your Stuff

We all love our stuff. We like our clothes, our knick knacks, and our DVD’s. We like our photographs, saved letters, mementos of our childhood (or our children’s childhoods), and the stuff we inherit from others. As much as we … Continue reading

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Time Is Worth Much More Than Money

I am a bit surprised to find myself with a lot of work to do. I am surprised both because my business is young and because the week before the Fourth of July is usually quite quiet in my profession. … Continue reading

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How’s Your Money Attitude?

I am sure that almost everyone would say they would like to improve their financial position in some way. For many, it would be getting out from under mountains of credit card debt or paying off school loans. Others may … Continue reading

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The Money Saving Aspects of Daylight Savings Time

I’m a huge fan of daylight savings time. I hate the long dark winters and get excited when we make the transition to longer days. But beyond my joy at more daylight, the transition to daylight savings time also saves … Continue reading

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Is It Worth My Time to Pick Up a Penny?

“If Bill Gates saw $100 lying on the ground, it wouldn’t be worth his time to pick it up,” a friend told me once. She reasoned that he would make more during that time by doing something else. At an … Continue reading

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