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Money Topics They Don’t Teach in High School, but Should

One of the biggest disgraces of the school system is that it often fails to teach basics that we all need for everyday life once we graduate. A prime example of this is basic personal finance. If we could get … Continue reading

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H&R Block Get Your Billion Dollars Back Tax Scam

You’ve probably seen the commercials. H&R Block has been running advertisements this year telling everyone that they can get to listen that American taxpayers are giving $1 billion to the IRS that’s really their money — and all because they’re … Continue reading

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Why Would a Billionaire Need a $201 Million Life Insurance Policy?

The largest life insurance policy ever issued has gone to an unnamed California billionaire living in Silicon Valley for an incredible $201 million dollars, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Who exactly the policy covers isn’t known other … Continue reading

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How Same Sex Marriage Helps Gay Couples’ Finances

Same sex marriage is still a tempestuous topic in the United States and despite a growing acceptance and recognition of same sex relationships, there are still many concerns before marriage equality is truly reached. While marriage should be about love … Continue reading

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Dealing With Financial Fear

Years ago when I was first thinking about self-employment, one thing scared me above all others. Taxes. It sounds silly, but I was terrified of screwing it all up and ending up in jail. Estimated taxes, quarterly payments, and self-employment … Continue reading

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How To Make Sure Tax Professionals Prepare Your Return Correctly

If you’re someone who doesn’t have the time or sufficient knowledge of the tax code to prepare your own tax returns, you might be wondering how to find a quality professional to do your taxes. After all, just because someone … Continue reading

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Get More Money Without a Second Job

When thoughts turn to getting more cash every month, many people assume that they’ll have to take a second job. That may be true. If your financial situation is dire or if you have your heart set on some big … Continue reading

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Six Ways to Force Yourself to Save

I have mentioned my elder son, who tends to pursue a less than industrious path at times. In contrast, I also have a son who zealously protects every penny that he gets in the hope that he can purchase a … Continue reading

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Make Your City Better without Raising Taxes

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Do You Really Save Money on Tax Free Weekends?

Now that back to school season is upon us, my state and many others are promoting their upcoming tax free weekends. These are the weekends where you can buy items from certain categories and escape the state and/or local sales … Continue reading

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Coupons Are Taxable – Why Do We Have To Pay Sales Tax on Them?

It seems everything is taxable — even coupons! I never questioned the small print on the coupons I use, at least not the part about the customer paying sales tax. (I don’t understand why a manufacturer can say a coupon … Continue reading

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Should You Take One For The Team?

“Falling housing market.” “Possible recession.” “Troubled economy.” These phrases have been buzzing around lately in the media. Real estate prices were going up and many people decided to buy more house than they could afford with unconventional mortgage terms. Now … Continue reading

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Are Friendships and Family Relationships Taxable?

Before money existed, people exchanged goods and services through bartering. Even after money became the logical solution to the problem of finding someone who could offer what you wanted and wanted what you had to offer, bartering remained a viable … Continue reading

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Is the Fair Tax Really Fair?

I recently stumbled upon the idea of a different tax system that some are advocating our country change to called The Fair Tax. I don’t know if my head has been in the sand about this or if many other … Continue reading

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