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Debt Reduction Diet: 10 Ways Debt Reduction Is Like Dieting

Dieting is probably not the first word that comes to mind when you think of debt reduction. However, when it comes to trying to reduce your debt, many of the steps you have to take are very similar to the … Continue reading

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10 Things to Do Instead of Complaining

Like most people, I sometimes find myself complaining about money or “stuff.” Sometimes I get frustrated by work and money issues, or when there’s something I want that I can’t afford, either immediately or ever. There will always be people … Continue reading

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What Changes Your Life?

When it’s time to make financial decisions such as contributing to your retirement, paying down debt, saving for college, buying a home, and building an emergency fund, you need to ask yourself a question. “Will this change my life for … Continue reading

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Stop Worrying and Do Something

Last week I wrote about reframing the economic crisis. The point of that piece was to bring a little positivity into what is becoming a pretty gloomy economic time. I hoped to challenge you to think of the positive things … Continue reading

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