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Stuff Is Almost Never a Good Investment

I had a small chuckle at a yard sale the other day. The seller had tons of Beanie Babies for sale. All of them had the “tag protectors” on the tags and a few were in those little plastic display … Continue reading

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We Are All Going to Die

A few years ago, I faced my mortality head on. An unexpected allergic reaction nearly killed me. Up to that point I, like most people, hadn’t spent a lot of time thinking about death. Sure, I’d done the unpleasant task … Continue reading

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Is Minimalism The Way To Go?

Financial gurus often talk about spending on experiences rather than stuff. The idea is that stuff will break, become obsolete, or never get used in the first place, whereas experiences will stay with you for a lifetime. Experiences are said … Continue reading

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Oprah’s Favorite Things: Consumerism Orgy

Oprah had her annual “Favorite Things” show last week. Since this is her last season on the air, it was actually a two day orgy of consumerism. I don’t generally mind Oprah most of the time, but this episode gets … Continue reading

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Your Stuff Is Just Stuff

Around here we’ve hit the peak of the fall yard sale season. I headed out this weekend to check out a few and came away flabbergasted by the prices some of the sellers were charging for their stuff. I’m an … Continue reading

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Parting From Your Stuff

We all love our stuff. We like our clothes, our knick knacks, and our DVD’s. We like our photographs, saved letters, mementos of our childhood (or our children’s childhoods), and the stuff we inherit from others. As much as we … Continue reading

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Learning to Love What You Have: A Life Without Debt

One of the best ways to become and remain debt free is to simply learn to love what you already have. It’s human nature to be swayed by the glitter and gloss of new items. You drive past a new … Continue reading

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Getting My Stuff Back in Balance

Generally, I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I tend to decide to do things throughout the year and then just get on with them. New Year’s resolutions come with to much pressure and they’ve always seemed forced to me. So … Continue reading

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The Zen of Giving Away Your Stuff

>Here’s something marketers don’t want you to know: Stuff cannot and will not ever make you happy. In fact, stuff can make your life more complicated and miserable than you can possibly imagine. I learned this lesson a really hard … Continue reading

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