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No More Excuses: Even Small Amounts of Meditation Can Relieve Stress

Most of us have heard meditation can be a great way to achieve stress relief. The problem is most people don’t want to spend months training, and hours a day meditating, to get that stress relief. For those who have … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Board Games

I am a board game nut. I get excited when Christmas rolls around and all the new games show up in the stores. I also love the classics. So why, in a world of electronic entertainment, do I love board … Continue reading

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Low Cost Stress Relief

Recently I went through a very stressful period in my life. I usually handle stress pretty well, but for some reason this time was different. The stress was making me ill. I had gastric problems related to the stress, I … Continue reading

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Finishing the Financial Marathon

I finished my most recent marathon last week. It was harder than the average because it was unseasonably hot and I wasn’t feeling too well. I wasn’t happy, so I found a similar sufferer to chat with for a few … Continue reading

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