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What the PayPal Shakeup Means for Users

PayPal began trading today as an independent company. No longer is PayPal affiliated with eBay. And what a day it has been! PayPal ($49.5 billion) is valued above Netflix ($47.1 billion), eBay ($33.7 billion), and Twitter ($23.9 billion). The company is … Continue reading

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Gold Falls to 2010 Prices – Dollar Soars

Gold has dropped to prices not seen since March 2010 – $1,088 a troy ounce. It’s due to a major sell-off in Asia today. The massive gold dump is likely due to beliefs that the Federal Reserve will hike interest rates. Rates haven’t … Continue reading

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S&P 500 Flirts with 2000 Again with a Good Chance to Top It Next Week

The Standard and Poor’s 500 (S&P 500) is once again flirting with the 2,000 point value, falling just 12 points short of achieving this highly anticipated milestone on Friday. While it wasn’t able to break the barrier last week, it … Continue reading

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Money Topics They Don’t Teach in High School, but Should

One of the biggest disgraces of the school system is that it often fails to teach basics that we all need for everyday life once we graduate. A prime example of this is basic personal finance. If we could get … Continue reading

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From Bitcoin to Bullion: The Tangibility of Currency

By David Parkman As economic systems advance and evolve, so too does their system of currency. From the earliest days of our ancestors, the exchange of physical goods used for survival has been a staple of human communication and the … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Stocks Investments of the US Senate

If you want to make a lot of money in the stock market, the people to take advice from aren’t the finance gurus on TV or the people on Wall Street. The people that you should follow are the elected … Continue reading

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Money Management from A to Z

By Jamie Englert Managing your finances may seem like a dizzying mass of numbers. But you can also think of personal finance in terms of letters, as in the initials of some important personal finance terms to know. From bonds … Continue reading

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10 Great Financial Gifts For Kids

Whether it is for a birthday, Christmas or any other gift giving event, there are a lot of great money management and personal finance educational gifts that you can purchase. Everyone knows that kids love money, but often they don’t … Continue reading

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Missing the Biggest Sale of All

In the wake of the post-Christmas sale frenzy, I found myself wondering, “Why is it that people will beat each other senseless to save 75% on wrapping paper and cards, but they won’t take advantage of the biggest sale of … Continue reading

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Optimism in The Stock Market

Dave Kansas of the Wall Street Journal has what I like to see in a capitalist economy: optimism. Talking about the year ahead, he described the stock market as looking “to the future, rather than the past.” Isn’t that exactly … Continue reading

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Investing Hack: Why I bought $199 in Apple Stock Instead of a New Apple 3G iPhone

I’m a big fan of index funds because, quite frankly, I don’t know much about investing and I would rather spend my time doing other things than learning how to invest in individual companies. Warren Buffett agrees with me on … Continue reading

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