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10 Home Improvements Buyers Want to See

According to Realtor.com, selling in the summer is smart because: 1. Homes look better 2. Days are longer 3. Sellers can be picky (so many buyers to choose from, typically) 4. Bigger sale price! If you plan to sell your … Continue reading

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How Will You Get Rid of It?

When making a big (or even small) purchase, many people fail to think about the end game. What happens when you no longer want the item, it’s old and broken down, or you have to sell it to help with … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Earn Money from Your Passion

Have you ever had a passion or hobby that you loved so much that you wanted it to be your full-time job? While very few people can translate their passion into a full-time job, plenty of people have earned money … Continue reading

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Eight Ways to Get Cash in Hand by the End of the Week

On a recent visit to the Yahoo! Answers website, I found a lot of questions that boiled down to the same thing: How can I make money (usually about $100) fast (usually by the end of the week)? Apparently this … Continue reading

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