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Is Making Money with Rideshare as Easy as They Say?

Hailed as the newfangled way to reach your financial goals in your spare time, ridesharing is marketed as being accessible and cost effective for virtually anyone with an automobile. Are these claims true? While the “anybody can be a cab … Continue reading

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Should You Sign a Non-Compete Agreement?

In some occupations, such as technology and sales-oriented occupations, non-compete agreements are common. In essence, the employer is requiring you to promise that if you leave the company, you will not hire on with a competitor within a certain period … Continue reading

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Dealing With Financial Fear

Years ago when I was first thinking about self-employment, one thing scared me above all others. Taxes. It sounds silly, but I was terrified of screwing it all up and ending up in jail. Estimated taxes, quarterly payments, and self-employment … Continue reading

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Common Misconceptions About Working From Home

When most people tell me they want to work from home, I can tell they have an idealized vision of what it will be like. They’re envisioning total creative freedom, not having to commute or pay for child care, and … Continue reading

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Starting My Own Business

After close to thirty years of working for other people, I have finally decided to hang out a shingle on my own. For some people, self-employment is a natural extension of who they are. For me, as I insist on … Continue reading

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White Bread & Green Dough or How I Opened an Online Bakery

At the beginning of this year, I was looking for a way to supplement our income. I do seasonal data processing and the spring season had not yet begun. I had prior experience with selling handmade jewelry on the internet … Continue reading

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23 Disadvantages of Self-Employment

Countless employees dream of leaving behind a demanding boss, working from home, and earning a limitless income. Self-employment, however, is not the same as a life of leisure. As was already pointed out a few months ago, much of the … Continue reading

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