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Different Ways to Deal with Unexpected Emergencies & Bills

The downturn of the worldwide economy has caused most of us to watch our spending. While you may be doing well to track your budget, unexpected bills and emergencies can quickly result in financial worries. According to a study published … Continue reading

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Verizon FiOS Promotion Codes Don’t Exist – Here’s How to Get the Best Deals

Verizon is always offering some sort of deal on FiOS service, but you don’t need promotion codes to get them. You can save on bundles or get introductory rates if you’re new to FiOS. Sites like Retailmenot.com and Coupons.com can … Continue reading

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HMO vs PPO and Why the Difference Matters

Choosing between a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is not always an easy decision. One may save you money but limit your options or add inconvenient steps to getting health care for you or your family. … Continue reading

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Toys R Us Rewards Rules

Toys R Us has a rewards program for frequent shoppers. It’s popular with parents, collectors and collectible resellers. Those who use the program can tell you that it has many pitfalls that can lead to disappointment. Know the rules of … Continue reading

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Amazon Prime Delivery Time and Its Impact on Local Businesses

Amazon Prime is a membership-based service offered by Amazon, which provides free two-day shipping with a subscription. It also offers “exclusive access” to movies, Kindle books and music for $99 each year. Current estimates place the number of members as … Continue reading

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Coinstar Fees (and How to Avoid Them)

What is Coinstar? Many banks nowadays don’t accept coins. Many other banks will accept coins but they take a fee for sorting them. It’s a bummer but hey, at least some banks still offer good interest rates. But even as … Continue reading

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Detailed American Express Savings Account Review

That’s right – American Express offers more than just credit cards. They also offer a way to save money – by way of an actual savings account. This was news to me as well until recently. I want to start … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Save Money in Las Vegas!

Ah, Vegas! For many people, few other destinations offer so many opportunities for some good, old-fashioned adult fun. First-class accommodations, five-star restaurants, some of the world’s finest entertainment and the possibility of striking it rich… what more could you want? … Continue reading

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10 Cool Outdoor Gadgets That Actually SAVE You Money

Many of us want to save as much money as we can in every area of our lives. With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that there are plenty of gadgets focused on saving people … Continue reading

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10 Creative Ways to Save on Movie Tickets This Summer

Almost everyone enjoys watching a movie on the big screen (and you can even learn some great money lessons at the movie theater). However, very few people are okay paying so much money for a single ticket. Movie ticket prices … Continue reading

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10 Simple Ways to Save Money on a Road Trip

Road trips can be a wonderful way to spend some time out on the open road, taking in the scenery as you enjoy a vacation or day trip. Taking a road trip as a vacation is a common pastime for … Continue reading

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Another Way to Play McDonald’s Minion Mania – for FREE ($1 Million+ in Prizes)

Update! Today only (July 31st)! Win tons of other prizes with Chiquita’s just for playing online games! Minion Mania has just made its debut at McDonald’s! If you want to know all the details about the game (such as prizes, terms, and … Continue reading

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Just Because It’s Not In the Budget Doesn’t Mean It’s an Emergency

A friend of mine has been freaking out the last couple of weeks because her oldest child is graduating from high school this year. While she’s thrilled about this, she’s worried about the money. “I’ve got to get him a … Continue reading

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Control Your Personal Economy

If you’ve watched much TV lately or listened to the radio, you’ve probably heard some of Fidelity’s new ads that say, “Let us help you take control over your personal economy.” Their website explains, “Your Personal Economy includes the things … Continue reading

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13 Ways to Prepare for a Layoff

Layoffs are hard, but not all layoffs are totally unexpected. Often you can see a layoff coming if you keep your eyes and ears open. Some warning signs: The company seems to be struggling and bills aren’t getting paid or … Continue reading

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Taking Issue With The Balanced Money Formula

If you’ve read the book, “All Your Worth” by Elizabeth Warren, you’ve probably seen her “Balanced Money Formula.” You may have seen it even if you haven’t read the book because it has become the budget of choice for many … Continue reading

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Change Your Thinking

I’ve noticed that when most people think about their finances, they think in terms of their income and expenses. They think about how much they make per week or month and therefore that is how much they have to spend. … Continue reading

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