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Successful People Don’t Whine

I’m always amazed when, in real life conversations or article comment trails about money related topics, someone inevitably says, “That [insert behavior that is not the norm] will never work for me. It simply cannot be done.” Either that or … Continue reading

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Saving Money is Not a Sacrifice. It’s an Investment in Your Future

One of the issues many people have trouble overcoming when trying to get their finances in order is that it requires a commitment to a lifestyle change. If your finances aren’t in order, it’s because you have been doing things … Continue reading

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Should Athletes Pay Taxes on Olympic Medal Bonus Money?

I read the article where Olympic athletes who win medals at the Sochi winter games will have to pay taxes on the money. Almost every person I’ve talked to about this says that it’s wrong, and that they should be … Continue reading

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10 Ways Getting Out of Debt is Like Running a Marathon

Getting out of debt is an exhausting process that often requires a well thought out plan which needs to be accomplished step-by-step over a long period of time. When you’re buried under piles of dept, sometimes it feels as though … Continue reading

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Eventually Saving Money is Easy

Recently, an acquaintance asked me for some financial advice. “Give me your easiest financial tips. You know, stuff that I don’t have to work too hard at. I’ve got to pay off some debt and save up some cash for … Continue reading

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10 Things The Army Taught Me About Finances

By Steve Repak, CFP® In basic training, a soldier goes through a process of mental and emotional retraining so that they can operate in an environment very different from the civilian world. I figured out I could take some of … Continue reading

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