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5 Expert Tips on Managing Your Money After Retirement

You work your entire life and as a reward, you get to retire. But the reality is that your ‘work’ does not end the moment you receive your gold watch. Instead, you need to keep managing your money to make … Continue reading

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Ten Financial Choices You Will Regret in 10 Years

A lot of people who worry about their financial decisions often frame that worry on how it will impact them in the present, and often forget that the decisions will likely have consequences in the future as well. While financial … Continue reading

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Money Topics They Don’t Teach in High School, but Should

One of the biggest disgraces of the school system is that it often fails to teach basics that we all need for everyday life once we graduate. A prime example of this is basic personal finance. If we could get … Continue reading

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Your Thirties Can Kill Your Finances

When it comes to living dangerously with your finances, it seems as though your thirties are the most dangerous decade. Obviously you have to be mindful of your money habits throughout your life because it’s possible to screw up with … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Getting Out Of Debt Is Worth It

When it comes to reducing your debt, there are a lot of good reasons to pay off debt beyond the obvious. The benefits of becoming debt free are numerous and have to potential to improve a number of areas of … Continue reading

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10 Important Personal Finance Lessons Every Person Should Know

Managing your money is hard and the current times make it more so. The fact is, though, it’s never been more important to get a handle on your personal finances than in today’s economy. Regardless of whether you’re a wage … Continue reading

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The Secret to Financial Success: Be an Independent Thinker

Over the years I’ve discovered that the single greatest thing you can do to help your finances is to be an independent thinker. You need to make your own choices and live according to what you know is right for … Continue reading

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A Life Without Debt: Procrastination Is The Enemy

Over my years of debt free living I’ve learned that procrastination is a huge enemy to staying debt free. We all tend to say, “I can take care of that tomorrow,” and put off things we don’t want to (or … Continue reading

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