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Not Every Problem Needs A Store Bought Solution

The retail sector and the media love to sell us “stuff” to solve our every problem. They even try to manufacture “problems” just so they can sell us stuff. (I tend to think the no-touch hand wash system falls into … Continue reading

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Try Before You Buy

Over the years, I’ve made many purchases that I wouldn’t have made if I’d just tired the item before I bought it. Sometimes the item hasn’t lived up to my expectations (video games that turn out not to be fun … Continue reading

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Get More Money Without a Second Job

When thoughts turn to getting more cash every month, many people assume that they’ll have to take a second job. That may be true. If your financial situation is dire or if you have your heart set on some big … Continue reading

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Renting Responsibly: How Not to be a Victim of Foreclosure

The business section of the Denver Post included a bit about Fannie Mae signing interim rental contracts with tenants of properties their landlords couldn’t pay for. What does this tell me? A renter doesn’t know the financial position of their … Continue reading

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