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No NCAA March Madness Billion Dollar Brackets in 2015

With March Madness just around the corner, many people are once again hoping to become an instant billionaire with the second installment of Billion Dollar Brackets. Unfortunately, the second season of this hugely popular event isn’t taking place. That’s correct. … Continue reading

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Only Suckers Will Play the Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge Data Mining Scam

Update: Nobody who participated in the Billion Dollar Bracket challenge managed to get passed the first round of the NCAA tournament with a perfect bracket. It took only 25 games for everyone in the contest to be eliminated from the … Continue reading

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March Madness Billion $ Bracket Challenge Winner: Quicken Loans

The NCAA men’s college basketball March Madness tournament is about to begin, and everyone who signed-up for the chance to win $1 billion from Warren Buffett has their fingers crossed that they picked a perfect bracket. Unfortunately, the odds say … Continue reading

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Statistics to Help Improve Your Chances at an NCAA Perfect Bracket

If you’re planning to play the Quicken Loans – Yahoo NCAA college basketball Billion Dollar Bracket challenge (you should because it’s free, but sign-ups are limited), the odds are that you aren’t going to win. That being said, you can … Continue reading

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