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15 Terrible Excuses That Will Wreck Your Finances

We all tend to make excuses from time to time. It’s just human nature. But I’ve seen people rely too heavily on excuses when it comes to money. When they have too much debt or can’t seem to make ends … Continue reading

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Overcoming Financial Procrastination

Most people know that they need to actively manage their money. That means reconciling statements, reviewing investment choices, paying bills or making sure that auto-payments are happening, periodically checking for deals or better plan options on services, and learning about … Continue reading

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The Productivity Benefits of a Timer

One of the best things I’ve done to increase my productivity is to start using a timer. A while ago I noticed I was having trouble with my concentration and as a result my productivity was dropping. While I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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A Life Without Debt: Procrastination Is The Enemy

Over my years of debt free living I’ve learned that procrastination is a huge enemy to staying debt free. We all tend to say, “I can take care of that tomorrow,” and put off things we don’t want to (or … Continue reading

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Procrastination: 100+ Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Reading This

I’m making an assumption that you really shouldn’t be reading this post because, well, you’re doing exactly what you shouldn’t be doing. If you were looking for specific information to help you with your finances, you should be reading about … Continue reading

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A Day of Waste

Have you ever thought about how much money people waste in a given day? Today, I tried to keep track of all of the waste that I witnessed and I was rather surprised, given our economy, how cavalierly people will … Continue reading

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Paris Hilton Works Harder Than You Do

I hate Paris Hilton. I hate her a lot more than I did a few hours ago. I can thank my sister for that. My sister, to put it bluntly, is a royal pain in the butt. This is a … Continue reading

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