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FBI Demands Apple and Google Build in Access to Your Encrypted Phone Data

Fairly fresh on the heels of the NSA spying scandal, FBI Director James Comey is now insisting that if companies such as Apple and Google don’t build in front door access for law enforcement to your data, criminals will get … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Keep Your Belongings Private and Reduce the Risk of Theft

One of the easiest ways to prevent theft (aside from locking the doors, which is something too many people neglect but is effective) is to keep what you buy and what you own private. If other people know what you … Continue reading

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Saving Money vs. Privacy

We all want to save money. Unfortunately, many of the ways to save money available today require that you sacrifice at least a little bit of your privacy. Retailers, websites, and manufacturers want your personal information and information about your … Continue reading

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