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10 Ways Traveling Can Help Your Finances

While traveling can be fun, it also tends to be expensive. Whether you’re traveling for work, school, personal reasons, or vacation, you’re usually going to spend some money on your trip. However, you can learn some valuable financial lessons from … Continue reading

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The Frugal Benefits of a Regular Schedule

When I was in college and, later, working my first jobs, I never had a regular schedule. The jobs I had back then were either temporary or service oriented. Sometimes I’d work nights, sometimes days, and sometimes both. I worked … Continue reading

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10 Things The Army Taught Me About Finances

By Steve Repak, CFP® In basic training, a soldier goes through a process of mental and emotional retraining so that they can operate in an environment very different from the civilian world. I figured out I could take some of … Continue reading

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Entrepreneur Profile: Mark Nava of JNAVA Clothing

Creative genius and business skills are not always found in the same person. Creative minds want to create for the sake of art. Business minds want to promote business success. In order to succeed in creative businesses, owners must balance … Continue reading

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