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Can a Daily Cup of Coffee be a Money Saver? 52 Week Save Money Challenge Week Six

I was thinking about whether it would be less expensive for me to go out and buy a cup of coffee each day at the local coffee shop and work there, rather than stay home and work. Knowing myself well, … Continue reading

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52 Week Make Money Challenge Week Three Results

Week three of the 2014 make money challenge provided me the opportunity to earn some quick cash. I received an offer to house and pet sit for four days. In the past, I have refused these opportunities because it can … Continue reading

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52 Week Save Money Challenge: Week Three

I had a pretty good 52 week save money challenge this week without having to do much extra work. The savings seemed to just fall into my lap ¬†as I was doing what I would regularly do this week (Wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Leaving Places in Better Shape: Day 7

I know it’s been a good week when I felt it was strange that I wasn’t able to go and travel someplace today, although I did get to enjoy the backyard views of the house where I was house sitting … Continue reading

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Housesitting In Arizona: Minimum Wage Challenge

It appears that the first week of the minimum wage challenge will begin on the right foot. I just got word from the parents of a friend that they would like me to house sit for them for a week … Continue reading

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How I Make Money Sitting Around

By Linda D. I’m able to sock away an average of $700 a month by sitting around. I wish I could say that I was bright enough to have come up with the way to sit and earn money, but … Continue reading

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