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10 Reasons We No Longer Need the Penny

The US one cent piece, or the penny as it’s more commonly known, is due to be dropped from circulation in the year 2020. This marks the end of many years of debate within the United States government over whether … Continue reading

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The Minimum Wage Machine

I love this idea as a way to physical show what it’s like to earn minimum wage in the US today. Blake Fall-Conroy put together a machine that dispenses pennies and allows any person to work for minimum wage. The … Continue reading

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Should The Penny Go?

Pennies made the news this month, as they now cost more than their value to mint. (Nickels do, too.) These costs are blamed on the rising prices of the metals used to make the coins, so theoretically, you might be … Continue reading

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Is It Worth My Time to Pick Up a Penny?

“If Bill Gates saw $100 lying on the ground, it wouldn’t be worth his time to pick it up,” a friend told me once. She reasoned that he would make more during that time by doing something else. At an … Continue reading

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