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Fast or Slow: The Best Way to Pay Down Debt

When it comes time to pay down debt, there are two schools of thought. The first argues that you should pay it all down as quickly as possible. This may mean taking on extra jobs and sacrificing all of your … Continue reading

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I Just Can’t Live Within My Means!

The other day I heard someone make the argument that most financial advice was of no use to them because it assumes that you have some extra money, you just need to “find it.” “I literally have no extra money,” … Continue reading

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Dave Ramsey Falters in a Crummy Economy

By Maggie Ellis, guest writer I know many people who are followers of Dave Ramsey’s financial advice. Since the economy has tanked, it seems like I’m seeing even more people joining the Dave bandwagon, looking for a way out of … Continue reading

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How Important is Your Debt to Limit Ratio?

We are under constant media barrage about checking our credit report and we all know it’s important to have a high credit score. With the new legislation, it’s possible that a great credit score will be more important than ever. … Continue reading

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