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Being Optimistic Is a Heart Healthy Choice

Being a pessimist could be bad for your heart. A new study conducted by the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), led by Rosalba Hernandez, analyzed the responses of 5,100 adults about their mental health. The subjects were between the ages of … Continue reading

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Optimism Can Wreck Your Finances

Optimism is generally a good thing. It’s good to look toward the future with hope and confidence. Research shows that optimists tend to be happier and live longer than pessimists. Optimists are healthier and deal with adversity better than their … Continue reading

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Think Positive, Talk Positive

When it comes to financial problems, a lot of people tell you to, “Think positive.” Heck, if you read and believe, “The Secret,” all you have to do to be rich is to think positively. There’s some validity in this … Continue reading

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