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Avoid or Reduce Postage Expenses: Strange Ways to Save Money

This may not seem strange to those who have embraced the technological age, but many people still haven’t fully grasped how much they can save on postage in the electronic age. Even those who have embraced technology often overlook postage … Continue reading

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When Should You Use Automatic Bill Pay

I’m a fan of automatic online bill payments. Having a payment automatically deducted from my account every month is convenient and environmentally friendly. No paper statements to wade through, no need to remember a due date, and no checks to … Continue reading

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8 Reasons Why You Need to Read Your Bills Every Month

The mail comes, you glance at your bills and drop them in the “To Be Paid” pile. Then, on the appointed day, you write out the checks or direct the online bill pay to do its thing and then you … Continue reading

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