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Early Retirement Without a Huge Nest Egg

Many people dream of retiring while they’re still young enough to have some fun. Then they look at their bank balance, sigh, and decide that they will have to work until they’re eighty. This might not be true, however. Lots … Continue reading

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Ten Things Seniors Need to Know About Purchasing Annuities But Don’t!

By Bob Hock If you walk into a meeting with any financial adviser, there’s a very good chance that the adviser will present an annuity for your nest egg. Annuities have turned into the Mr. Fix-It for all age groups. … Continue reading

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A Life Without Debt: Building the Retirement Nest Egg

Debt free living has one important benefit that many people don’t consider at first. Sure, it makes bill paying easier and it lets you save for vacations and other fun things, but it also lets you save big sums for … Continue reading

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Sitting on the Nest Egg

What I Know Among today’s financial headlines is the prediction that stocks will rise today because traders are optimistic about the Freddie and Fannie takeovers. The articles I read commonly noted this optimism, but none of them explained to me … Continue reading

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