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What to Expect When Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

This is a guest post from Little Miss Moneybags If you’re house-hunting, a mortgage pre-approval is a great thing to have in your back pocket. It shows real estate agents and sellers that you’re serious, and can help move the … Continue reading

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Pride vs. Shame in Financial Matters

I read an article on MSNBC.com this week about how people are not paying on their homes and voluntarily entering foreclosure so that they can save money. The gist of the piece is that these people have simply decided to … Continue reading

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A Life Without Debt: I’ll Never Be Debt Free

Many times I hear people say, “It’s great that you’re debt free, but I’ll never be able to do that. I’ll always have a some kind of debt,” and then they elaborate on why they can never be without a … Continue reading

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Going Into Debt to Have Kids

By Maggie Ellis It is widely taught in financial education that there are only two kinds of debt that can be considered “good debt”: A mortgage and student loans (as long as they aren’t beyond your ability to repay comfortably). … Continue reading

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A Life Without Debt: The Debt Free House

The only debt we’ve ever incurred was to buy our house. At the time we bought, we just didn’t have a spare $150K lying around so we had to get a mortgage. We knew going in that we didn’t want … Continue reading

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Financial Lessons from my Creditors

It’s become quite fashionable to attack credit card companies or banks who hold our mortgages, especially with the recent turmoil in the financial market. While talk of increased regulation and pointing the finger of blame may each have their place … Continue reading

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Mortgage Rip-Offs and Money Savers

If you’re shopping for a house, one of the biggest favors you can do yourself is getting educated about the complicated process of applying for a mortgage. A mortgage is probably the most expensive obligation you’ll ever have, and if … Continue reading

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