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10 Simple Ways to Save Money on a Road Trip

Road trips can be a wonderful way to spend some time out on the open road, taking in the scenery as you enjoy a vacation or day trip. Taking a road trip as a vacation is a common pastime for … Continue reading

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Wealth That Doesn’t Come From Money

When we think of wealth, our thoughts automatically jump to money. Maybe things like real estate, stock options, or large houses are also included. But that’s just one definition of the word “wealth.” Other definitions include, “A plentiful supply of … Continue reading

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New, Crisp Bills Save Money

Do you want to know a really simple way to save money? The next time you go to the bank, any money you take out, make sure to ask for brand new bills. That’s it. Once you have the new … Continue reading

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10 Great Financial Gifts For Kids

Whether it is for a birthday, Christmas or any other gift giving event, there are a lot of great money management and personal finance educational gifts that you can purchase. Everyone knows that kids love money, but often they don’t … Continue reading

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Ten Ways We Psychologically Hurt Our Relationship With Money

By Dr. Charles Richards Why is it that just when everything seems to be going well financially and you feel like you’re getting ahead, something seems to crop up that alters your plans? In my practice as a psychotherapist, I’ve … Continue reading

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Money Lessons Learned from “The Firm”

If you’ve ever read the book by John Grisham or seen the movie, “The Firm,” then you are familiar with the tale of corporate and personal greed that leads one man to almost lose his life and all of the … Continue reading

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100 Money Slang Terms

While money isn’t actually made out of paper (it’s made out of cotton fibers), bills are sometimes referred to as “paper” in slang terms. That may change in the not too distant future. While “plastic” is a term which is … Continue reading

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Preventing On-Line Money “Accidents”

As more kids get on the Internet at younger ages, I’m hearing about more and more on-line money accidents. These “accidents” occur when kids play paid online games or games that let players buy items in the game, when they … Continue reading

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Financial Success Shame?

On a message board that I routinely hang out on, there was recently a discussion of people’s finances and whether or not they could afford certain items. As with all discussions of this type, there were some people who stated … Continue reading

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Parting From Your Stuff

We all love our stuff. We like our clothes, our knick knacks, and our DVD’s. We like our photographs, saved letters, mementos of our childhood (or our children’s childhoods), and the stuff we inherit from others. As much as we … Continue reading

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Does What You Notice About Others Say Something About You?

I’ll admit, right at the beginning of this post, that I may be looking at things in a stereotypical manner. I realize that everyone has different reasons for noticing certain things, but I ran into a situation the other day … Continue reading

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Get Paid to Look at Porn – Strange Ways to Make Money

If you’ve ever wanted to be paid for the time you spend surfing the Internet for porn, I’ve got good news for you. It is possible to get paid to look at porn on the Internet. We all know that … Continue reading

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Fire Prevention Saves Money

A fire is not only emotionally devastating and life threatening, it can be financially devastating, as well. Even with great insurance you may find yourself having to pay out of pocket for things you didn’t have covered or for unexpected … Continue reading

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What Fantasy Football Can Teach You About Money

August is here! That means that for the next few weeks, after I have taken care of all of my domestic duties and professional responsibilities, I will have one thing, and one thing only, on which to focus my attention. … Continue reading

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Time Is Worth Much More Than Money

I am a bit surprised to find myself with a lot of work to do. I am surprised both because my business is young and because the week before the Fourth of July is usually quite quiet in my profession. … Continue reading

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Kids and Money

I remember when I was a kid, my parents would take the time to show me how money worked. (This was in the days before ATM’s and online banking.) My mom would show me how to write a check out … Continue reading

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Not Everything Has To Be Measured In Money

I’m always a little surprised at how much everything in our society is measured in terms of money. We measure our worth by our salaries, not by how much we love our work. We measure our remodeling projects by how … Continue reading

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Marry for Money, Not Love

I once asked a friend of mine why he had not married his girlfriend of many years. He replied that he had always wanted to be a kept man and that she just did not have enough money to afford … Continue reading

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Job Hunting Lessons from Panic in the Year Zero

Yesterday I went to the gym. That, in and of itself, is almost apocalyptic in significance, as I never go to the gym. Nevertheless, I am forcing myself to go, at least for the remainder of my period of unemployment, … Continue reading

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A Life Without Debt: Is Money Too Important?

I was accused the other day on another financial site that I frequent of caring only about money. I was responding to a poster who was asking about the benefits of being debt free, because the person couldn’t see that … Continue reading

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