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10 Ways to Teach Kids Financial Generosity

While many parents strive to teach their children money management skills, it’s also a great idea to help teach them to be financially generous. Many of us donate to charities or fundraisers to help people or organizations in need, and … Continue reading

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51 Reasons I Won’t Lend Money to Friends and Family

“Should I lend money to a friend?” is a question that comes up on this site from time to time. A lot of people say it’s a bad idea in almost all cases, while others say they will lend without … Continue reading

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You Can Afford It. But Should You Spend It?

Once you reach a certain level of financial comfort, you’ll find yourself buying things you might have bypassed in your more financially strapped days. You may find yourself springing for nicer accommodations on vacation, or taking longer vacations. Maybe you … Continue reading

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Money Honesty is the Best Policy

A friend of mine was lamenting her inability to gracefully bow out of events and outings that she can’t really afford. “When my friends invite me out to dinner at a pricey restaurant or out to the movies, I hate … Continue reading

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Weekly Personal Finance Reading Round-Up

Weekend reading is a round-up of personal finance and money related stories that caught the eye of our forum members this week: 21% of those making over $100k are living paycheck to paycheck Earn an A? Here’s $50. C? Here’s … Continue reading

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