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Tesla vs Car Dealerships: Why Michigan Might Not Allow Tesla to Sell Cars

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is sitting on a bill that would require all auto manufacturers to sell their products (cars) through franchised car dealerships. This is a battle being fought all over the country, and it all starts with an … Continue reading

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Why Michigan (and Other States) Want to Ban Tesla Car Sales

The ongoing battle over the direct-to-consumer selling of automaker Tesla continues. Tesla, in a bid for public support, has asked consumers for help in prompting Michigan Gov. Snyder to veto the bill. The idea behind the HB 5606 was to … Continue reading

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Save to Win: How A Lottery Bank Account Taught Me to Save Money

By Dean L. When you read those statistics about Americans not saving money and going into credit card debt, you could place me as the poster child of the movement. Not only do I have a huge amount of credit … Continue reading

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