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Medicare Will Cover Smokers’ Yearly Lung Cancer CT Scans

High medical costs and poor health outcomes in America compared to its global counterparts inspired our healthcare overhaul and the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2012, and now a significant provision has been added. According to NBC News, … Continue reading

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Dignity Healthcare Settles for $37 Million for Over-Charging Patients

Dignity Healthcare has decided to settle allegations of patients having been over-charged rather than fight them in court. Dignity Healthcare, commonly known as Catholic Healthcare West, is one of the largest hospital networks in the US. It has hospitals in … Continue reading

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The Growth Rate of Type 2 Diabetes Finally Stabilizes in Americans

Americans have a lot of preventable diseases, with diabetes being one of them. After nearly twenty years of constant increase, the growth rate of type two diabetes has finally leveled off in American adults. This news comes from a study … Continue reading

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Mayo Clinic Will Be First to Use Cologuard Home Cancer Test

It makes sense. The Mayo Clinic will be the first medical institution to offer the new in-home Cologuard colon cancer screening test. Mayo helped to develope Colonguard in conjunction with Exact Sciences. The head gastroenterology and hematology doctor at the … Continue reading

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