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Don’t Let The Media Color Your Financial Picture

If you turn on the TV or read a newspaper, you’re likely to be confronted with two opposite messages. Either everything is great, the economy is strong, and finances are looking better, or things are terrible, everyone is poor, and … Continue reading

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The Media, Recessions, History and Attitudes

The media would have us all believe that our beloved country has its foot to the floor in a race to heck. Everywhere you turn; there are reports of more business closings, higher unemployment and threats of losses in every … Continue reading

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Are You Really Worse Off or Does It Just Seem That Way?

Like any good financial nerd, I spend a lot of time watching and reading the media’s coverage of the economy. Over the last few months the tone has gone from mildly concerned, through concerned, and on to full blown panic. … Continue reading

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Going Ad-less: Turning off the Media

There are few sources of information these days that do not come riddled with advertising, or at least with a list of generous corporate sponsors. To escape the constant bombardment of “buy this” “recognize my name” and “we’re so cool” … Continue reading

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