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The Tesla Model S Is Now the Fastest-Accelerating Sedan in the World

Remember when people used to laugh at electric cars? They used to be seen as an underpowered joke of a car. Not. Any. More. Just hours ago, Tesla Motors revealed how owners can make their Model S’s go from 0-60 … Continue reading

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Extravagances I Can’t Understand

I am a Boston Celtics fan and I have been since I was a youth during the rather wonderful season that was 1981. I had the joy of going to see the Celtics play regularly in the Boston Garden back … Continue reading

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Things We Shouldn’t Pay For

As I read the daily news, I can’t help but wonder about the causes of our current economic downturn. I know the reasons that are propounded by economists and business leaders and I understand, generally, the current credit crunch. That … Continue reading

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How to Offset the Cost of Luxury

Al Gore offsets his carbon footprint. Volunteering for your community is offset for minor crimes. If you can offset those, you can definitely offset luxurious spending. The opportunity or the cost of that opportunity is a perceived value. Sometimes you … Continue reading

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The Hidden Costs of Luxury Items

Most of us enjoy luxurious things. They look nice. They feel good. They confer status and elevate us above our peers. We’re conditioned from an early age to want the best clothes, beauty products, electronics, jewelry, cars, or furnishings. In … Continue reading

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The Quality Trap – Items Where Quality Is Over-Rated

If I were to ask the average person what makes a Lexus better than a Kia, an outfit from Nordstrom better than one from WalMart or a Coach purse better than a Canyon River Blues one, the most common response … Continue reading

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