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$1 Billion Perfect Bracket Challenge vs Mega Millions Lottery: Which is Best to Enter?

I received an email asking me my opinion on whether it would be better to enter the NCAA March Madness basketball Billion Dollar Bracket challenge or to buy a ticket for the Mega Millions lottery. While the Mega Millions lottery … Continue reading

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How to Better Your Odds at Winning $1 Billion

It seems that people are getting excited about the growing jackpot for the latest Mega Millions. I’ve had more than a few friends ask me about whether I’m playing, and it seems to be the topic du jour in my … Continue reading

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Extravagances I Can’t Understand

I am a Boston Celtics fan and I have been since I was a youth during the rather wonderful season that was 1981. I had the joy of going to see the Celtics play regularly in the Boston Garden back … Continue reading

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Save to Win: How A Lottery Bank Account Taught Me to Save Money

By Dean L. When you read those statistics about Americans not saving money and going into credit card debt, you could place me as the poster child of the movement. Not only do I have a huge amount of credit … Continue reading

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Why I Play the Lottery

My wife and I will do just about anything for each other. We have a great relationship and complement each other’s strengths. I fold the laundry. She puts it away. I do the grocery shopping. She puts the groceries away. … Continue reading

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