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Whopping $100,000 Found in Backpack at Burger King

Have you ever wondered how honest someone would be if you left your money in plain sight? Well, in San Jose, California, a person can leave one hundred thousand dollars behind and employees at the local Burger King will wait … Continue reading

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Johnny Manziel Has a Bad Draft Day, Loses More than $10 million

It was a long an agonizing wait as cameras focused on Johnny Manziel’s every move with each pick of the NFL draft. The hype before the NFL draft was whether or not Manziel would be the first pick of the … Continue reading

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H&R Block Get Your Billion Dollars Back Tax Scam

You’ve probably seen the commercials. H&R Block has been running advertisements this year telling everyone that they can get to listen that American taxpayers are giving $1 billion to the IRS that’s really their money — and all because they’re … Continue reading

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Two Days of Hell: Day 14 & 15

Life likes to throw curves. Sometimes even knuckle-balls into the dirt. And on a rare occasion, the ball comes directly at you and hits you in the head. That is exactly what the last couple of days have felt like. … Continue reading

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Stacking Will Cost You Money

I stupidly volunteered to help a friend move this month. While I’m out of the heavy lifting business, I did offer to help her pack. In the process of getting her stuff together, we needed to excavate a coffee table. … Continue reading

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The Moral Dilemma of Found Cash

Two weeks ago I had to make an emergency trip to the home improvement store to buy a replacement part for my toilet. The home improvement store shares a strip mall with another big box store and several smaller stores. … Continue reading

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Be Careful When Hiding Your Fortune

I used to think it was pretty rare for someone to “lose” a fortune by accident. But lately a few incidents, both public and personal, made me realize that this is a bigger problem than I thought. You may have … Continue reading

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