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Why You Don’t Need LifeLock Identity Theft Protection

Many people worry their identity may be stolen at some point in their life. With the constant credit card breaches from major retailers constantly in the news, the risk has become even scarier to most people. However, is it really … Continue reading

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LifeLock Says Those Getting Married Are Eight Times More Likely to Experience Identity Theft

Getting married or having a child should be a wonderfully happy time where you shouldn’t have to worry about others taking advantage of you, but that’s exactly what a lot of scam artists do. A survey conducted earlier this year … Continue reading

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Are Credit Karma and LifeLock Safe? Their Recent Mobile App Vulnerabilities Should Concern You

In order to keep track of different aspects of their finances, many people are turning to third-party websites. A good example of this would be Credit Karma, which offers free credit scores and credit monitoring to those who sign up … Continue reading

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LifeLock Junior Child Identity Theft Protection Review

We have noted that LifeLock isn’t a scam, but it’s also something you really don’t need. The problem with all identity theft protection plans is they can’t actually protect your identity from being stolen. All they can do is help … Continue reading

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Did Credit Sesame Just Make LifeLock Obsolete?

Earlier this month, Credit Sesame launched a free identity theft protection service. In doing so, they were able to accomplish a couple of things. First, they were able to differentiate themselves from competitors like Credit Karma and Quizzle, both of … Continue reading

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Is LifeLock a Scam and Do You Need It?

With more and more news stories of credit card theft, people begin to look for ways to protect themselves. One company that they will likely come across in their search is Lifelock and many wonder, “Is Lifelock a scam?” The … Continue reading

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Never Pay Someone to Protect Your Identity

You’ve probably seen the ads for LifeLock, an identity theft protection service, where the CEO gives out his Social Security number and claims that he can do that because he has such confidence in his company’s ability to protect his … Continue reading

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