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Does the Post Office Stay Open Late on Tax Day April 15, 2015?

For the most part, the post office sticks to a pretty basic schedule. There are a few federal holidays when it closes, and there are also a few instances when some post offices extend their hours. Tax Day, for a … Continue reading

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When Is the Last Day to File Taxes 2015?

It’s that time of the year again. As inevitable as death, taxes are due. For those who are waiting until the last minute to file their taxes, they often want to know, “When is the last day to file taxes?” … Continue reading

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Health Insurance May Affect Your Tax Refund

The Affordable Care Act, popularly known as ObamaCare, strives to ensure that all Americans are covered by health insurance. Part of the impetus for the passage of the ACA is that Americans continue to spend significantly more on healthcare than … Continue reading

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If You Get a Phone Call from the IRS, It’s a Scam

If you get a call from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS,) and they haven’t contacted you by mail so you’re expecting the call, it’s a scam. That’s what the IRS wants you to know as people trying to scam consumers … Continue reading

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Tax Form 1095-A May Delay ObamaCare Recipients Tax Refunds

Millions of Americans may experience a delay in receiving their tax refunds next year. If you’re among those who have applied for, and successfully received ¬†healthcare benefits through President Obama’s Affordable Care Act initiative, there’s a new form you’re going … Continue reading

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A Sochi Olympic Gold Medal is Worth $25,000, But Can Mean a $10,000 Tax Bill

How much is an Olympic gold medal from Sochi, Russia worth? The gold medals aren’t pure gold (if they were, they would be worth close to $21,500 each), but they are worth approximately $566 when their metal content is taken … Continue reading

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10 Smart Ways to Use Your IRS Refund Check

Are you expecting to receive an IRS refund this year? Do you have big plans for that money? Maybe you want to spend it on something nice for yourself. Maybe you are planning to use it for a great vacation … Continue reading

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How To Make Sure Tax Professionals Prepare Your Return Correctly

If you’re someone who doesn’t have the time or sufficient knowledge of the tax code to prepare your own tax returns, you might be wondering how to find a quality professional to do your taxes. After all, just because someone … Continue reading

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Standards for Living Expenses

If you’re trying to scale back your spending and live within your means or just save a little more each month, how do you determine reasonable spending amounts for each category of spending in your life like food, clothes, and … Continue reading

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Financial Lessons from my Creditors

It’s become quite fashionable to attack credit card companies or banks who hold our mortgages, especially with the recent turmoil in the financial market. While talk of increased regulation and pointing the finger of blame may each have their place … Continue reading

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Just Call Me Unpatriotic

If you haven’t heard, the government is devising an “economic stimulus package” to jump start the economy. While the details aren’t yet final, it appears that the majority of American workers and retirees will be getting some rebate money from … Continue reading

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