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Join the 52 Week Make Money Challenge for 2014

While talking with some friends who attempted the 52 week money challenge last year, it became apparent that a lot of them had frustration because they didn’t feel that there were many areas in their budget where they could save. … Continue reading

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How to Succeed at the 52 Week Money Challenge

When it comes to the 52 week money challenge, the ultimate goal is to succeed by saving that $1,378 by the end of the year. While the challenge appears simple in theory, it’s actually a little more difficult to complete … Continue reading

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50 Things I Am Thankful For

It’s so easy in our day-to-day lives to get caught up in the moment and forget about all the good things that there are to celebrate. Most of these things have very little to do with money (although having money … Continue reading

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Don’t Focus on the Numbers

Everyone loves a personal story. We like to hear how other people paid off debt, retired early, paid for college, or afforded that fabulous vacation. Personal stories are fun to read and can be inspiring. However, too many people focus … Continue reading

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What Trash Art Can Teach About Money

I must admit that I wish I had more artistic talent. When there is an art piece that catches my eye, I can stare at it for hours wondering how the artist was able to visualize the final piece from … Continue reading

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Retro Pop Music to Inspire You to Save

Music has a profound effect on many people. A specific song can trigger long-forgotten memories and emotions or can inspire someone to make a life change — maybe proposing marriage, following a dream, entering rehab, or expressing appreciation to parents. … Continue reading

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Turning Financial Envy into Inspiration

I think all of us have been guilty of financial envy at one time or another. “I wish I could afford a car like that” or “I wish we could live in a house like theirs.” It’s not as much … Continue reading

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