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CDC Recommends Flu Vaccinations to All 6 Months and Older as Flu Season Nears

Last year the flu took the lives over over 100 children in the US. Many of these deaths could have been prevented by a flu shot. Public Health Departments have made getting vaccinated possible with affordable flu shots now available … Continue reading

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New Single Dose Peramivir Treats Flu with One-Time Shot

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals say they have developed a new drug which safely inhibits flu symptoms if administered to patients within the first 48 hours from the onset of the flu. Peramivir,¬†BioCryst’s new¬†neuraminidase¬†inhibitor (NAI) vaccine, is also known as RAPIVAB. A new … Continue reading

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Flu Shots Will Save Money in the Longrun

There is nothing good about influenza. People who have experienced a bout with the flu know that it is a miserable experience that brings fever, chills and muscle pain, among other symptoms. You will know when you have a bad … Continue reading

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