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Did Credit Sesame Just Make LifeLock Obsolete?

Earlier this month, Credit Sesame launched a free identity theft protection service. In doing so, they were able to accomplish a couple of things. First, they were able to differentiate themselves from competitors like Credit Karma and Quizzle, both of … Continue reading

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The Target Credit Card Breach Could Personally Cost You More Than $600

I’ve been telling friends who have shopped at Target this holiday season to make sure that they cancel their debit and credit cards and get new ones. I’ve been surprised that some seem fairly nonchalant about it, and they aren’t … Continue reading

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Death by Debt: 25 Ways You’re Killing Your Credit

By Jason Bushey Few sectors of personal finance are as misunderstood as credit. We’ve all been passed on some semblance of how credit score works by our parents, but often those before us are as confused about their scores as … Continue reading

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See ID? Should I Sign My Credit Card?

The question of whether to write “See ID” on your credit cards instead of signing them comes up a lot in financial circles. The idea is that, by writing, “See ID” on your card instead of signing it, you are … Continue reading

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