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Dave Ramsey’s Net Worth

You’ve heard of Dave Ramsey. He’s the guy who preaches, “Debt is dumb. Cash is king!” on his nationally syndicated radio show. It’s aptly named The Dave Ramsey Show. He is perhaps the country’s most famous personal finance guru – right … Continue reading

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10 Home Improvements Buyers Want to See

According to Realtor.com, selling in the summer is smart because: 1. Homes look better 2. Days are longer 3. Sellers can be picky (so many buyers to choose from, typically) 4. Bigger sale price! If you plan to sell your … Continue reading

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Lost Months: Minimum Wage Challenge Days 49 – 120

Well, it certainly has been awhile. If you can remember that far back, in late February I was diagnosed with extremely low vitamin D after going to visit my doctor because I had a fuzzy head. Over the last 2+ … Continue reading

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Renting or Homeless? Minimum Wage Challenge

One of the biggest decisions I need to make that will determine whether this living well on minimum wage challenge will be successful or not is my living conditions. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this and there … Continue reading

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Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Review: Week 12

This week we tackled Baby Step 6: Pay Off Your Home Early. Or I should say that was what the lesson was supposed to be about. Instead we got the most boring lesson of the bunch, and one of the … Continue reading

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How to Live on a Single Income

I know a lot of people who were asking if it’s possible to live on a single income before the proverbial excrement hit the rotary device, economically speaking. I imagine there are a great many people who are worried about … Continue reading

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Mortgage Rip-Offs and Money Savers

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How I Lived in Million Dollar Homes for Free

For nine years I lived in million dollar homes for free and it is something that anyone who is neat and conscientious can easily do. My junior year in college, a professor who I had assisted received a year long … Continue reading

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Security on a Budget — 24 Common Sense Reminders

We all want to be safe and secure, but spending big money on a high tech security system may not be necessary. In most cases, simply applying some common sense will do the job. For most people, reasonable security can … Continue reading

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