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Alternative Ways to Get Your Kicks: Fun Money Friday

We all have things that we enjoy doing. Maybe you love to read, buy shoes or handbags, visit amusement parks, ski, travel, scuba dive, or any of a thousand other things. Chances are that most of your fun activities cost … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Earn Money from Your Passion

Have you ever had a passion or hobby that you loved so much that you wanted it to be your full-time job? While very few people can translate their passion into a full-time job, plenty of people have earned money … Continue reading

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You Can Never Do It All, So Don’t Waste Money Trying

I have a friend who is into Star Wars. I mean really into Star Wars. He has every release of the movies going back to VHS. He has the trading cards, all of the books, the toys going back to … Continue reading

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Choosing a Hobby Without Spending a Fortune

I’ve heard plenty of people bemoan the fact that they don’t have a hobby. Some even post to some of the message boards I frequent, asking for help choosing a hobby. This isn’t a position to which I can personally … Continue reading

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67+ Free and Inexpensive Hobbies

We often think of hobbies as expensive, and some are. If you want to raise horses, collect antique cars, take up drag racing, or own your own plane to indulge your passion for flying, you’re going to pay a lot … Continue reading

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Retirement Planning: Consider Your Time as Well as Your Money

Retirement can be a scary thing. You wouldn’t think so, since so many people look forward to the day when they can stop working and take it easy. However, the financial and emotional adjustments can cause problems if you aren’t … Continue reading

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The Hidden Money Saving Aspect of a Great Hobby

Having a hobby (or several) can be a great thing. Hobbies give us a creative outlet or a way to meet new people. We learn new skills through hobbies and some of them can even earn us extra money. Several … Continue reading

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