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Allergens and Germs Make Healthier Babies: A Dirty House Can Save $50,000

If you want to help your child have a healthy immune system, you may want to leave your house a little dirtier than you have been. A new study from the June 6 edition of the Journal of Allergy and … Continue reading

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Fasting Twice a Year Can Reboot Your Immune System

Would you be willing to go without food for a few days to keep your immune system in tip-top shape? That is exactly what may happen if you’re willing to fast twice a year according to a new University of … Continue reading

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Ways Great Sex Can Save Money

When most people think about New Year financial resolutions, they think about tackling those difficult issues that they know that they should be doing, but have been avoiding because they know working on them is going to take time, effort … Continue reading

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