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HMO vs PPO and Why the Difference Matters

Choosing between a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is not always an easy decision. One may save you money but limit your options or add inconvenient steps to getting health care for you or your family. … Continue reading

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Congress Finally Compromises to Ease Veteran Healthcare Wait Times

There’s some good news out of Congress for Veterans and their health care needs. Tension was resolved over the weekend with a compromise reached between VA leaders, Bernie Sanders and Jeff Miller,on a bill to aid veterans faced with long … Continue reading

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Deadline Nears at West Coast Ports Which Could Disrupt Retailers

There’s no need for outright panic at the moment, but retailers are becoming a little less at ease as labor negotiations between shipping companies and dockworkers for west coast ports continue. Those shipping ports cover 29 on the west coast … Continue reading

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US Healthcare Quality and Efficiency Stinks Compared to Other Developed Nations

When it comes to the quality and efficiency of the health care system in developed nations, the US ranks dead last according to the annual Commonwealth Fund Mirror Mirror on the Wall survey (PDF). The report looks at how the … Continue reading

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25 Things That Hold Your Money and Your Dreams Hostage

We all have things that we’d like to do in life. Have kids, travel, get married, buy a new home, start our own business, or simply retire well (and maybe early). You probably have your own dreams that aren’t on … Continue reading

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Aging is Expensive Even When You Aren’t Old

We all know that we’ll likely face increased costs as we age. Most of those will come from healthcare costs as we fight diseases ranging from cancer to arthritis to dementia. While we’re aware of those increasing expenses, we assume … Continue reading

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The Easiest Way To Save On Healthcare

Most financial writers, including me, counsel people to be their own advocate for less-expensive healthcare. We teach that you should question everything on your bill, know the limits and allowances of your health insurance policy, and negotiate prices where possible … Continue reading

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16 Things You Don’t Want To Skimp On

While I’m all for being frugal, there are some things that you just don’t want to skimp on. Some things are so important to your health or safety that it simply isn’t wise or cost-effective to look for the cheapest … Continue reading

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Dental Tourism: Is It Right For You?

By Jeff Apton In today’s healthcare debate nobody seems to be talking much about the high cost of dentistry, or the lack of insurance coverage. Maybe you’re lucky and squeak by with a few cleanings and a filling here and … Continue reading

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