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A Gluten Free Diet Isn’t Necessarily a Healthy Diet

If you don’t need to be on a gluten free diet, are there health benefits to a gluten free diet? Researchers assert that only seven percent of the population need to be on a gluten free diet for some health … Continue reading

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Chia Powder Recalled Due to Possible Salmonella Poisoning

There is another food recall, this one for chia powder rather than beef. If you consume chia powder, you might want to check your shelves to make sure you don’t have any brands recalled due to possible salmonella poisoning. The … Continue reading

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Marriage and Being Single Trumps Cohabitation When It Comes to Men’s Health

If you’re a man, there appears to be health benefits to either remaining single or getting married, as compared to living with your significant other according to a new study from the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) published … Continue reading

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Ever Buy FiveFingers Barefoot Running Shoes? You Are Owed Some Money

If you were one of the millions of people who bought a pair of those strange-looking toe running shoes, you may have some money coming back to you. Vibram, the company that makes the FiveFingers barefoot running shoes, recently settled … Continue reading

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Bottle vs Breast: 13 Ways Breastfeeding Can Save Money

Babies are expensive. Not just expensive, but really expensive. It doesn’t take long for most couples to determine that they need to save money wherever they can, and many probably wish they knew before hand what nonessential baby items they … Continue reading

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