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Google Contributor Blocks Ads on Sites You’re Willing to Financially Support

Google has launched a beta test to see how many internet users would be willing to pay $1 to $3 per month to block ads on each of their favorite websites. The test is for a new Google program called … Continue reading

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FBI Demands Apple and Google Build in Access to Your Encrypted Phone Data

Fairly fresh on the heels of the NSA spying scandal, FBI Director James Comey is now insisting that if companies such as Apple and Google don’t build in front door access for law enforcement to your data, criminals will get … Continue reading

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Google Tries to Revive Google+ with Purchase of Polar

In what Google hopes to to be a move that will popularize their own social network, Google+, they’ve decided to bring over the team from Polar and see if they can turn it into something cool. Though it isn’t completely … Continue reading

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Google Agrees with FTC to Refund Childrens’ Unauthorized App Purchases

More good news has come this week for parents who’ve been hit with unexpected credit card charges due to children making unauthorized in-app purchases. Google has agreed to refund $19 million to parents whose children were able to make purchases … Continue reading

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Google Mystery Barge One in Maine Gets Sold as Scrap Metal

In the last decade, the mighty Google has become more than the world’s favorite search giant. The company is also famously innovative and well-known for its original marketing ploys, its flamboyant work-place environments, and its sheer willingness to go the … Continue reading

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Google to Stop Listing Games with In-App Purchases as “Free”

It began in December last year, when the European Commission issued a statement to market leaders (namely Google and Apple) which requested that they begin transparent labeling practices on games with hidden costs. The commission finally realized that many app … Continue reading

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