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Google Glass No Longer To Be Developed By Google X and Stops Explorer Program

The 2002 Japanese anime Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex introduced a beautiful, futuristic world in which being ‘human’ was a liability. Set in the mid-twenty-first century in a fictional Japanese city, computer technology in this world had “advanced … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Sending Money by Voice through Your Glasses

Making your financial payments by cellphone may be considered old school in the not too distant future. Imagine that you come home and your roommate tells you your split of the utilities for the month. Instead of taking out your … Continue reading

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Why It Makes Little Sense to Buy $1500 Google Glass

Google has announced that for one day only, Tuesday, April 15, you may have an opportunity to buy Google Glass for $1500, when they will make a limited number of them available for sale. This may seem like a great … Continue reading

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