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10 Ways Global Warming May Affect Your Finances

While some people who believe global warming isn’t a legitimate issue to be concerned about, most economic and geologic signs point towards global warming. Many people believe that global warming only impacts the weather, but it actually will impact the … Continue reading

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Pacific Ocean Warm Blob May Cause California Drought

At best, this year’s weather has been called “odd.” During the East Coast winter, it seemed to snow massive amounts each week and when it wasn’t snowing, the weather proved bone-chillingly cold. The West Coast has instead been “warm and … Continue reading

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Limiting Global Warming to 2 Degrees Celsius Is “Utterly Inadequate”

In October of last year, scientists David G. Victor and Charles F. Kennel wrote in an article for the journal Nature that for nearly a decade, international diplomacy has set a goal of “stopping global warming at 2 degrees celsius above … Continue reading

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Climate Change Denier Wei-Hock Soon Took Over $1 Million from the Oil Industry

There is an ongoing debate about how humans are affecting the global climate and subsequently, what governments and policy makers should do to stem the effects of climate change. According to Wikipedia, no scientific body disagrees with the view that … Continue reading

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Rising Seas May Claim Parts of New York City According to Climate Change Panel

Over the last century, the temperature of the earth has increased by approximately 1.4 degrees F and is expected to increase another 2 to 11.5 degrees F in the next century. Scientists have shown human activities have driven these changes given … Continue reading

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New Study Links Under Water Volcano Activity to Climate Change

A new study from scientists at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University has uncovered novel information about seafloor volcanoes, namely that these structures are not the “gentle giants of the planet.” Instead, these seafloor volcanoes can erupt at fairly … Continue reading

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NASA Confirms 2014 Officially the Hottest Year Ever for Earth on Record

In 1898, Svante Arrhenius became the first scientist to connect global warming and fossil fuel combustion when he proposed a relationship between atmospheric carbon dioxide and temperate. According to the technology website Lenntech, Arrhenius calculated that a doubling of carbon … Continue reading

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The Way We Grow Crops May Be a Major Cause of Global Warming

While the science is clear that climate change is real and humans are part of the cause, how exactly are we causing it? Most of the focus has been on the amount of fossil fuels we burn, but a new … Continue reading

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Climate Change Could Increase Lightning Strikes 50% by 2100

According to a new study from University of California Berkeley, odds of being struck by lightening with increase by 50% within the next 100 years. Climate change and global warming are affecting many aspects of nature. There are now more … Continue reading

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IPCC Report States There’s Little Time to Act on Climate Change

The words “Global Warming” may seem like a popular media buzzword, a pawn in a political agenda, or just a far-off worry to some of us. To those people who view it in this way, a recent report will come as … Continue reading

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Severe California Drought Was Driest Ever Bringing Back Memories of 1934

The drought this summer was the worst California has ever seen in a generation. Strict water warnings were implemented. Running water was cut off to some homes, leading them to have bottled water delivered to western state counties. It could … Continue reading

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The Ocean Is Warming Faster than We Thought

Global warming is the product of an uneven divergence of energy. When solar energy enters Earth, it is supposed be reflected back into space. However, because of global warming, the energy gets caught within the atmosphere. Oceans absorb 90% of … Continue reading

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Some Big Names to Attend Climate Change Summit in September

A list was recently published by the United Nations (UN), and it reveals the names of those representing the 125 countries who are expected to attend the Climate Summit in New York, hosted by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The summit … Continue reading

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Many North American Birds in Danger Due to Climate Change

Finches, a once renowned bird species that would appear in massive formations at the Sandia Crest, close to Albuequerque, have started dwindling in numbers. The finches have a multicolored plumage with feathers ranging all the way from black to rose-color. … Continue reading

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Climate Change Causes Serious Threat to World Health

Many of us know the damage that the human desire for fossil fuels and transport is having on the world. But not so many have thought beyond that to the realities of living in a world desiccated by our continued … Continue reading

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The Idiocy of Carpool Lanes

I hate rush hour almost as much as I hate Paris Hilton. I understand that scientists believe that we are putting the earth into an oven and turning up the heat too high. I’m keeping their warnings in mind and … Continue reading

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