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Warren Buffet Donates a Record $2.8 Billion to Charity

Warren Buffett is a generous man, as in giving away billions of dollars generous (he also has a favorite business book you’ve never read). He’s continuing to live up to his Giving Pledge which encourages the world’s wealthiest people to … Continue reading

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Am I A Sucker? Day 9

I don’t usually give money to people. I’m far too familiar with the many scams that are out there, and I know that my money will go a lot further and help a lot more people by purchasing food for … Continue reading

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“Could You Spare Some Change?” How Do You React?

I was heading up to Oregon and made a stop at a fast food restaurant to go to the bathroom and get a drink. As I walked to the door, a young couple sat in the shade on the side … Continue reading

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Panhandle: Strange Ways to Make Money

When you think of panhandling, you probably think of the homeless and the desperate. It would never be something that a white collar professional would engage in. Would it? If you think the answer is, “No,” here’s a story for … Continue reading

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How To Avoid Wasting Money When Giving To Charity

We know that those of us who are fortunate enough to have extra money should give some of it back to society. Not only is it good for others, it’s good for us. We get a feeling of satisfaction and … Continue reading

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Charitable Giving When You Make No Money

Although I am frugal, I like to at least think that I am neither stingy nor greedy. I am quick to spend if it will make my family happy and I have always been quick to donate to a good … Continue reading

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When Should You Give to Charity?

Today’s question to get your morning rolling is, Should you wait until you have a lot of money before giving to charity or should you give to charity even when you don’t have a lot? I have two good friends … Continue reading

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