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Start a Money Club: Fun Money Friday

Saving, investing, and educating yourself about finance can be lonely and boring if you go it alone. Unfortunately, too many people try to tackle money issues without support and end up giving up because they’re bored or because they aren’t … Continue reading

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Happiness Comes From Being Yourself: Fun Money Friday

I’m going to try something new here at Saving Advice for the coming weeks, and that is having “Fun Money Fridays.” Most of the time we (that is, all financial bloggers, talking heads, and advisors) focus on the negative and … Continue reading

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Budget Categories Are Not Licenses to Spend

On one of the financial forums I frequent, a woman who was deep in debt posted looking for help. The main problem was that she couldn’t understand how their debt had ballooned because, “We have a budget.” When other posters … Continue reading

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Does Every Purchase Have to Mean Something?

Someone asked me the other day whether every purchase and financial transaction has to have deep meaning. “To hear you talk sometimes,” this person said, “no one should ever buy anything unless they’ve carefully researched it, dissected it, and tallied … Continue reading

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