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10 Important Personal Finance Lessons Every Person Should Know

Managing your money is hard and the current times make it more so. The fact is, though, it’s never been more important to get a handle on your personal finances than in today’s economy. Regardless of whether you’re a wage … Continue reading

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What Fantasy Football Can Teach You About Money

August is here! That means that for the next few weeks, after I have taken care of all of my domestic duties and professional responsibilities, I will have one thing, and one thing only, on which to focus my attention. … Continue reading

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Cheers Theme Song and Financial Realities

Television has given us a lot of relationships with characters who we can never meet. I remember characters from a lot of TV shows better than I am able to recall certain childhood friends and classmates and I am pretty … Continue reading

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Financial Lessons from my Creditors

It’s become quite fashionable to attack credit card companies or banks who hold our mortgages, especially with the recent turmoil in the financial market. While talk of increased regulation and pointing the finger of blame may each have their place … Continue reading

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Financial Lessons From Fantasy Football

Our personal finances mirror many things in life, and fantasy football is no exception. Wittingly or not, we apply many of the same tactics to succeed in both. At the risk of using way too many football analogies in one … Continue reading

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