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Controlling Worry

We all worry about our finances to some degree. Even if everything seems to be going great in your financial world, uncertainties over world events, “fiscal cliffs,” and issues like healthcare and retirement can make you worry. If you have … Continue reading

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Dealing With Financial Fear

Years ago when I was first thinking about self-employment, one thing scared me above all others. Taxes. It sounds silly, but I was terrified of screwing it all up and ending up in jail. Estimated taxes, quarterly payments, and self-employment … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Get Over the Fear of Screwing Up

Many of us are afraid to make financial decisions. There is so much we don’t know and so much that (we think) can go wrong. What if we invest in the wrong mutual fund and we lose everything? What if … Continue reading

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When the Poverty Mindset Threatens Family and Fun

Here’s a case study to think about: A member of my family has large retirement funds and savings accounts, a good income, no mortgage, and no other debt. She does not buy the top of the line in anything and … Continue reading

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