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No Forgiveness for Youthful Stupidity

My neighbor’s child graduated from college this week. When she came over to thank me for the gift I sent, I asked her how the job hunt was going. “Not great,” she sighed. “What happened?” I asked. “Well, I had … Continue reading

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Dealing With Financial Fear

Years ago when I was first thinking about self-employment, one thing scared me above all others. Taxes. It sounds silly, but I was terrified of screwing it all up and ending up in jail. Estimated taxes, quarterly payments, and self-employment … Continue reading

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Why Should You Never Trust Just One Source? Often They Don’t Know Any More Than You Do

This video from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart is funny and great entertainment: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M – Th 11p / 10c CNBC Financial Advice thedailyshow.com Daily Show Full Episodes Economic Crisis Political Humor But it’s … Continue reading

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Personal Finance Gets Easier

A coworker is currently getting her financial house in order for the first time. She is paying off a heap of debt, setting up insurance policies and wills, and generally doing all the things she knew that she should have … Continue reading

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Your Kids Can be Financially Savvy

We have all struggled with our finances at one time or another, and I worry how my children’s financial lives will proceed. I want to spare them the trials and tribulations of my experience, but I wonder is that really … Continue reading

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How Come I’m Broke and You’re Not?

One of the questions I’m asked most frequently is, “How did you learn so much about finance?” The subtext to the question is usually along the lines of, “I know you aren’t a genius or good with numbers, so how … Continue reading

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