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Is Your Defensiveness Trying to Tell You Something?

I read a lot of different financial message boards. I’m always amused when someone in a thread gets incredibly defensive over something that was posted. The latest example was a thread about luxury handbags. The original poster inquired about the … Continue reading

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We Create Many of Our Own Financial Problems

A coworker came to me moaning about her debt level the other day. Her New Year’s resolution is to get out of debt and she wanted to know where to start. I asked her what kind of debt she had. … Continue reading

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The Effect Of Choice On Our Financial Resources

You cannot recover the money that you spend, but you can always earn more. Money will come to you from hard work, good fortune and simple luck. You will spend all of it or some of it and often you … Continue reading

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The Financial Road Less Traveled

I think I’m getting old. I’m starting to hit that phase of life where I’m looking at the choices I’ve made and ruminating over the roads less traveled. I find myself wondering about the career I chose, the jobs I’ve … Continue reading

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